The ‘Samsung L83T

No more boring, everyday pictures! The exclusive Samsung L83T digital camera allows you to express your creativity.

- The ‘Samsung L83T’ is a digital camera for the active young generation who live with their cameras, to capture the bright moments in their daily lives. Along with many functions for still picture taking, the ‘Samsung L83T’ is also equipped with several movie functions, which make it easy to create cartoons, artistic pictures and movies.

- The strengthened movie functionality of i-Movie enables shooting a long movie using a high compression MPEG4 type large screen, and a resolution of SVGA (800X592). Various other functions including a 3x optical zoom while shooting, successive recording, in which the user can pause while taking a movie and restart shooting later in the same file, and still image capture, and editing, meet the needs of the latest UCC (User Created Contents) trend.

- Also, still pictures can be edited in unique styles. With the color filter function, the user can choose one person to keep in color, and make the others black and white. Cartoon shooting gives you the fun of creating a cartoon, and using composite shooting, several shots can be taken in one screen.
Images can be decorated with stickers in different and shapes, such as a heart, using the sticker function, and there are photo frames to help you make up a special album. Other functions, including the ability to change the colors, will help users to create unique and unforgettable pictures.

- The ‘Samsung L83T’ is equipped with a Face Recognition function (AF & AE) and Red-eye fix during and after taking a portrait, for best results. Samsung’s proprietary ARS (Advanced Shake Reduction) helps to take a sharply-focused picture without flash even in dimly lit conditions, and this feature makes the Samsung L83T especially
useful in museums.

- The ‘Samsung L83T’ also features a 1cm super macro for taking detailed pictures of a ring or a flower, and a motion capture facility whereby the camera can take 7 pictures a second. By selecting the motion timer, users can take pictures of themselves without a remote control. A wise shot function is also included, to provide a more exciting picture-taking experience.

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